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As a gay couple in conservative Japan, you can’t exactly hold hands or be generally touchy while in public unless you are particularly bold.

However, with LGBT activism picking up over the past several years, more options are emerging for those looking to find a sense of community or connect with other like-minded individuals.

In my consensus, I think that some Japanese guys are indeed attracted to foreign guys, whether it’s the desire to be with someone who thinks and acts differently than someone who was raised in Japan, or due to general curiosity or attraction to foreign features.

Japanese Studies scholar Thomas Baudinette gave a brief overview of how race plays into the gay dating scene in Japan in response to a comment on his article titled “Negotiating the fetishisation of youth in the gay male media of Japan” which I found to be interesting.“…The gay male community of Japan loosely divides itself into three categories: “nai-sen” (those who prefer other Japanese men, representing the majority), “gai-sen” (those who prefer white foreign men) and “ajia-sen” (those who prefer East or South-East Asian).

Anyone who has read anything about Japan is probably aware that men in Japan are expected to work dozens of hours of overtime and are always “on call”, so they may even be forced on a day off to come to the office or attend a work event at the drop of a hat.

Since Japan’s modernization, gender roles in Japan have been severely split when it comes to matters of the home.

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For example, the man was considered to be the breadwinner while the woman takes care of…basically everything else.

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