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Many clubs did not allow ladies in their bar, for example, or banned them from the court at so-called ‘peak times’.Claire, a county-standard hockey and netball player, took up Real Tennis aged 11, at Prested Hall in Essex, a couple of miles from her family home. Within a couple of years, she began winning national junior tournaments. By the end of our warm-up, I’m dripping with sweat. Whatever you call it, my encounter with one of Britain’s most talented young athletes is turning out to be terribly one-sided.I may be merely a bog-standard club player, and this may (on paper) be a friendly, but Claire plays only to win.She takes the set, by six games to zero, allowing me to take the grand total of four points in the process.Four years later, at the age of 22, while playing Ophelia to his Hamlet at the Old Vic, she lost her virginity to him.

Claire Bloom has been a star for 57 years, since Charlie Chaplin chose her to be his leading lady when she was just 21.The complicated rules involve a ‘chase’ — by which players gain or lose the ‘Service Side’.Play a few times and that gobbledygook starts to make perfect sense. She is Claire Vigrass, a tall, blonde, 22- year-old lawyer’s daughter from Essex who can stake a credible claim to being the most successful female athlete competing in any sport, anywhere in the world. Pretty soon, I start gasping for breath like an asthmatic carthorse which has been whacked on the backside and told to follow Red Rum around Aintree. There’s no politically correct way to say this, but the fitter, stronger, endlessly more talented opponent who has inflicted this ugly sporting defeat just happens to be a girl.

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