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After seeing the forecast for Wednesday and knowing how hot it is gonna be, I don't want you guys up there fainting on me. Idk I was tired when I wrote most of this btw so if I don't make any sense I'm sorry h A)ANYWAYSSo basically the two say fuck school and go on a rlly great adventure "Well, we came in to ask if your son has found his new calling yet, as it seems that Matthew no longer wishes to teach him."She raised an eyebrow at the younger woman."Master Robert has taken him as his apprentice Madame.""Well, that Gerard only believes in one thing, money can buy happiness.

As most of us know, Mikey’s mental struggles have always been overshadowed by Gerard’s.

He would look at the world, look at his memories, and write without even knowing it.

And he filled every word with his emotions, almost pouring out by itself.

"Put yur back into it Pete, I want to see you sweating so bad your eyeliner runs!

""Please tell me we're ahead of schedule Bobby.""Of course we are. So basically Frank gets picked on by the bullies who picked on Gerard previously and shit goes down. Possible trigger warning bc they use homophobic language?

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HOWEVER because of the immense positive reaction he got from it, Bob started to drag the joke out.

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  2. You can use any of these attributes instead (or use what you think is the most relevant): Client-side validation based on Java Script is desirable when end users provide inputs via HTML forms, because it allows users to find out input errors faster and thus provides a better user experience.