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For example, the required validator will add a message "Username cannot be blank." to a model when the Some validators may support additional error messages to more precisely describe different causes of validation failures.

For example, the number validator supports too Big and too Small to describe the validation failure when the value being validated is too big and too small, respectively.

Below are some examples: Note: By default, inline validators will not be applied if their associated attributes receive empty inputs or if they have already failed some validation rules.

In practice, you may use the in core validator to achieve the same goal.You may write the validation rule like the following: Some validations can only be done on the server-side, because only the server has the necessary information.For example, to validate if a username is unique or not, it is necessary to check the user table on the server-side. It will trigger an AJAX request in the background to validate the input while keeping the same user experience as the regular client-side validation.Besides using the core validators included in the Yii releases, you may also create your own validators.You may create inline validators or standalone validators.

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You may also override yii\validators\Validator::validate Value() instead of ) when attaching validator.

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