Updating web config

Posted by / 26-Dec-2017 12:03

One of "XML file" type, the other "XML File (Windows Installer)" type.-Double click the "XML File (Windows Installer)" and edit the file.Make sure you select "Update" for new elements, as the default is "Add as a new sibling"Hope this helps!If the answer to the synchronization is not possible then what other ways can I modify a file ( configuration in this case ) during install?

We don't really see why this should be the case, because the initial upload words fine.

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Now if there a change in the config file it won't get picked up automatically forcing me to manually enter the changes in the xml editor.

Is there a way to synchronize the imported xml file to local copy so that any changes gets picked up automatically.

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and both seem to have created the same resulting file..

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