Updating bios ga ma785gm us2h

Posted by / 26-Dec-2017 12:38

Updating bios ga ma785gm us2h

After reboot the system would never detect any RAM, no matter what I did.I tried everything suggested in these forums and elsewhere but nothing worked.My problem with EP45-UD3P occured after I flashed the F9 BIOS.The flashing process appeared to finish fine however it did stuck in the middle for a few seconds while writing one of the blocks (I wonder if that was the root cause of the problem).

Maybe I just never read the PDF that much, just glanced into it a few times.The pins are numbered in circle going counterclockwise.The red line shows connection between pins 4 (the rightmost at the bottom) and 7 (the second left at the top) of the main BIOS chip.Once the button has been soldered the procedure is very simple: You may also just manually short pins 5-6 on the MAIN BIOS, this way no solder is needed Info posted here, I have sent this to many users and it has saved their boards. Xtreme Systems Forums - View Single Post - Official Gigabyte X48T-DQ6 Info Thread - Un Bricked It Direct Pic from PDF I made and use to give to others PDF in case anyone needs sometime.This is for the 8Mbit BIOS Dual chip boards ONLY, if you only have one chip you CANNOT use these methods and will need to try other fixes, and if you have no luck you will have to RMA.

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But I guess maybe it should be added/linked anyway, just for those who may give up or never PM me about their options. So, we should disable the main bios awhile for loading the backup bios.