The dating game natalie standiford

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The dating game natalie standiford

Scarlet reigns as a popular girl at their middle school, while Lavenders status falls much lower on the social scale.Yet both are determined to audition for the lead, Marian, in their school production of The Music Man.While the switch enables the girls to learn about each other, it also gives them greater insight into their own lives, allowing them each to discover their strengths and to recognize their foibles.The girls emerge from their experiences with an appreciation of their genuine friendship and the courage to make positive changes in their lives."The Secret Tree" is a welcome addition to the canon....These children are far too real to let their captivating tales end here.Her best girl friend, Bess, has moved away, and good pal Henry is suddenly too cool to hang out with a girl.Now, Claire must figure out how to negotiate the tricky landscape that is fifth gradeas the only remaining girl in school.

When a controversy erupts after exes begin rating each other, the Dating Game is banned from the school's computers.

The mysterious intervention of their music teacherwho harbors a magical secretleads to the pair waking up the day after their 13th birthdays in each others bodies.

Suddenly, Lavender experiences the popular life as Scarlet, and Scarlet endures the many taunts that punctuate Lavenders school days.

Kirkus Reviews, December 18, 2013 A wish, a shared birthday and some theater magic transform the lives of two young teens.

Although Lavenders and Scarlets birthdays are on the same day, their lives are polar opposites.

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