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Teen sex chat calgary

The Environics Institute survey found that young Muslims identified more with their faith than older Muslim Canadians. Reach her at: [email protected] Behbahani never questioned her Canadianness until a recent incident at the Vancouver airport.(Lori Miles/Sweet Pea Photography, Rahamatullah Siddique, Heather Buttrum Ciere, Arden Maaliq) Shanifa Nasser is a journalist at CBC News interested in national security, immigration and stories with a heartbeat. The 31-year-old lecturer at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.Would you ask someone without a headscarf that question? The majority of young Muslims in Canada feel Muslim first and Canadian second, an Environics Institute surveyreleased Wednesday suggests.Some experts suggest that's because young Muslim Canadians feel a strong societal pressure to have to answer for violence perpetrated by extremists in the name of Islam and are struggling to reclaim their Muslim identity for themselves."We see certain extremist groups associating their acts with our religion … Muslim Canadians often feel pressured to affirm their patriotism in the wake of high-profile attacks committed in the name of Islam.Imam Syed Soharwardy and worshippers at his Calgary mosque were among the Muslims who publicly denounced the Oct. (Todd Korol/Reuters) Many young Muslims in Canada feel saddled with a responsibility to have to answer for violent attacks carried out in the name of Islam, said Toronto-based legal scholar Azeezah Kanji.

While going through the passport check after returning home from a trip, she said, she was pulled aside by a border services agent and questioned about her religion and why she frequently travels outside the country."A lot of youth have felt let down," Bullock said, stressing that her comments stem from her research, not the survey itself."They feel their Canadian identity has been put in question —- as if their citizenship depends on the whim of the government.At one point, Behbahani said, the agent asked her: "How Canadian do you really feel?" "It made me stop and wonder, 'Why would you ask me that?

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(Mark Blinch/Reuters) "It's a hard place for a young Muslim to be in." The pressure to answer for violent attacks carried out by Muslim perpetrators has driven some young Muslims to pull away from their faith and others to try to recapture it, said University of Toronto political science lecturer Katherine Bullock.

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