Linely dating demi

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Linely dating demi

After Linley enacted his revenge upon Teresia and fused with his Lesser Wind Sovereign Spark, Linley's power again had a tremendous increase as he now was in possesion of three Lesser Sovereign Clones.

Linley was later tricked by Augusta telling him he would free his mother in exchange for the blood essence of the Four Divine Beast Sovereigns.

Once they entered straight into the 18th floor, Beirut uncovered the secret behind the Necropolis of the Gods.Once they arrived at the Infernal Realm, they were transported to the Nightblaze Prefecture of the Redbud Continent.After training for a while, Linley managed to breakthrough with his Earth Divine Clone to the Full God level.After having collected two out of three Overgod talismans needed for the Overgod mission, Linley chased after the final talisman which was hidden in the Okerlund Plane.In the end, he managed to force Clementine to hand over the Red Caltrop Diamond.

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There were now both his sword-shaped soul and his Divine Clone, dressed in a light green robe, floating inside his soulspace.

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