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The activist is the founder and patron of an organisation called Adopt Change which aims to: “pave the way for every child to grow up in a permanent, loving family”.

“Take action gives you access to more detailed information about how you can help Adopt Change,” Deborra-Lee says in a video for the organisation, which encourages volunteer work and fundraising as part of their mission to improve the lives of children through faster adoption processes.

They’ve been spending a lot of time apart over the past four or five months, and neither of them seems to mind.” However Hugh hit back at the report to vehemently deny the allegations, with his agent saying: “This story is 100 per cent fabricated.” Deborra-Lee Furness and her husband Hugh Jackman have two adopted children – a son named Oscar Maximillian and a daughter named Ava Eliot.

Son Max was born on and Ava was born on July 10 2005.

It is also important that the two “were best mates from day one,” and have a similar sense of humor.

Deborra-Lee and Hugh had tried to conceive children previous to the adoptions – however Deborra-Lee suffered two miscarriages.

Deborra-Lee Furness is a huge advocate for adoption – working strenuously to make the process faster and fairer in her native Australia and beyond, and founder of the National Adoption Awareness Week in Australia.

The two tried multiple times to get pregnant in the first few years after their wedding; when conventional methods did not work, they used in vitro fertilization, but it was all in vain.

The few times that Hugh Jackman wife did manage to get pregnant ended in miscarriages. Jackson has described the experience as an “avalanche of emotion that opens up your heart, frustraters you, and angers you.” Determined to become parents, Jackson and Furness adopted two children, Oscar Maximilian (age 14) and Ava Elliot (age 9).

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Despite the emotional challenges of the miscarriages and the pressures of their careers, Jackson and Furness have continued to enjoy a healthy, happy, and loving marriage, which is now in its eighteenth year.

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