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Good dating straplines

It illustrates how readily adaptable these geometric designs might be.

That is all there is of those early studies but, having had to reconstruct them quickly, it may well spur me to see how one or more of them might be developed as suggested in the sketch immediately above.

Although there are some advantages to working with a computer, it is unlikely I would have made the same mistake had it been drafted.

The second sketch probably doesn’t belong on these pages, but is placed here as a notional fountain design based again on the same pattern.

The pens have a circular nib and have to be held approximately vertically.

Where there is a change of direction of the line it is difficult to create a sharp corner.

This type of design is not uncommon, a variety of continuous lines being easily drawn and being suited to a design that interweaves. There are a number of patterns used to produce interlocking tiles, and this is just one of them.

These two sketechs have been added as although they do not belong to the original drawings, I wanted to see how easily the sketch illustration, three above, could be worked up into – in the first instance – a relatively complex interweaving pattern.You can see there is some blotting at the beginning of lines – look at the red lines top right – as well as a little unevenness in line thickness.I believe I never went over any lines twice as that had a considerable effect on the outcome.Sometimes this happens, as can be seen on the 120° angle on the left but, on the other two angles this has not been accomplished.Considerable patience was needed in creating these drawings.

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At this degree of magnification it is possible to see how the grain of the paper, a smooth cartridge, interacts with the ink from the drafting pen.

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