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During my freshman year of college – a private Catholic university in northern California – I had an enormous sexual awakening, and although I watched A LOT of porn and was known for being quite the exhibitionist on campus, I never thought I would end up doing it.

Sometime later, a couple of friends gave me a mini-intervention due to my sexual endeavors and after a counselor and my mother told me I had a sex problem (and to “fix it”) – somehow, I ended up in porn during the beginning of my sophomore year of college. I started masturbating at an incredibly young age, when I accidentally stumbled upon scrambled porn on an old television I had in my bedroom.

That particular movie haunts me to this day with fans and people questioning me and pitying me, when it was all just fiction.

Have you had any issues with family or friends finding out about your adult work? My maternal grandmother was the first of my entire family to address the truth about my doing porn. Is there any content out there that you wish you could make disappear?So, I’ll say it here now for the record: I do not have a stepfather (never have) nor was I raped anally at a young age.In fact, the first time I ever had anal sex was during my freshman year of college, and it was consensual.If you had been born with all the money you could ever want or need, would you have still done it? I love having my feet kissed and sucked, while I am having sex. Ten years ago, I wouldn’t be saying I’m into pee play, but after having a bunch of girls pee on me once for a film, it changed my perspective on the fetish. As for squirting, I absolutely get thrilled, when I am able to make a woman, who has never squirted before, squirt.Honestly, when I first started in this business ten years ago, I used to joke with people that if I was a millionaire, I’d still do porn because of how much I love it. Female ejaculation is something that many people are still skeptical about, and while there are many, who may just be suffering from coital incontinence rather than actually orgasming or ejaculating, it really does exist.

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Sometimes, we would go to a sex club in San Francisco and let people watch us, and there was one time, when we brought one guy with us, who was unable to “perform.” I have a fond memory in which we invited a guy over, left him in the bedroom, so that we could take a bath and have sex, while he sat waiting. If you could start over again would you still have done porn?

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