Depredating feral hogs george lopez hosting dating show

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Depredating feral hogs

The commissioner thinks hot air balloons will be more successful than helicopter gunners in taking out the hogs.

He cites the fact that balloons will make less noise and be “more stealth” than helicopters, which often scare off the hogs before hunters can take aim.

Miller says the high reproductive rate of feral hogs makes their population difficult to manage.

By: by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department AUSTIN – Effective Sept.

The bait maker has since withdrawn its registration for the product.

Bryan, Texas-based Heli Bacon currently offers helicopter hog-hunting tours for licensed hunters.

Parks and Wildlife will apparently be charged with working out the details of how it will be implemented and which “qualified landowners or landowners’ agent…may contract as a hunter or observer…to take depredating feral hogs or coyotes.”Granted, wild hog population has increased and a pack of hogs can do a lot of damage to crops and the environment and create havoc for even some deer hunting. Feral hogs can already be legally hunted by helicopter, but that seems more like brutal warfare with visions of hunters hanging out the side of a noisy chopper.

The hot air balloon approach seems more sporting somehow, but I do wonder how it might work out.

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He calls the use of hot air balloons “another tool” in the battle to get rid of feral hogs.