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The unit comes with AM/FM radio tuner and two built in speakers on the sides.You also have the option to connect the turntable to a sound system for listening like any traditional record player. With the Quick Play Flash record player you can record your analogue music collection directly to a USB flash drive.

Here is a list of the main brands that produce record players for easy conversion without a computer: This is an all-in-one record player.It has cassette player, AM/FM radio tuner, CD player and two stereo built in speakers. This one has bigger speakers and looks more professional but the features are the same. This turntable can directly record vinyl records to CD without a computer. The LP 2 CD turntable lets you record your music directly to a CD.It has an internal flash drive that you can use for recording as well. This record player has counterweight, anti-skate and a standard headshell.You may connect it to your computer via USB if you prefer to rip your records with an audio recording software. It can directly encode from the turntable to a USB Flash Drive or SD/MMC Memory Card. It has AM/FM radio receiver and two stereo built in speakers on the sides. This turntable does not have USB audio streaming so you cannot connect it to your computer for recording.With this turntable you can encode your records to MP3 directly to a USB Flash Drive or SD Card.

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2016 was the ninth year in a row that vinyl sales had increased (by 44% compared to 2015), with vinyl albums even making more money than digital album sales for one week across November and December.

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