Dating papyrus

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Dating papyrus

It is simply a distribution of a small sum of cash between friends and family.Its language does not contain any later quirks of Islamic writing- there is no prayers for God’s pleasure on the companions, it does not glorify any of the companions at all.For example, the letter ع is written in the early script.Note that the early ع is made up of straight lines- this is easy to write for anyone creating an inscription on rock or other hard materials. When pen and paper became more common, it was actually easier to write the later form of the ع- the scribe would not have to lift his pen off the paper.Moreover, there is no real purpose this document could serve for the forger.It does not really make any religious or political point.

The letter is of tremendous interest for reasons I will mention in this post.

He has had more samples sent out to different laboratories for further testing.

Implications Despite the letter being quite early it does not really tell us much, due to its very mundane nature.

The clues which betrays its extremely origin is primarily the writing style employed within the letter itself.

The script is decidedly early Islamic, all other documents from this era show the style of writing in this text.

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It is the knowledge that the letter is to Umar and those around him leads us to believe that ‘Asma’ could be Asma of Islamic tradition, or that Umm Abban is indeed the same one who was the daughter of Uthman.

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