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The movie is about a woman with a checkered past getting her life together by marrying the love of her life, who suddenly becomes endangered thanks to the local bad dudes who put a wretch in their honeymoon and because the cops are unwilling to help she seeks vengeance on her own.

Sounds like every other action film out their right?

He was unique in British colonial history - the only Governor of three separate places, especially popular in the last two.

In Bermuda and Dominica, the largest of the British Caribbean territories, he was very much a diplomat.

Of course what makes the movie bad ass is having Mr. The world could use a few more female driven action movies other than the Resident Evil or Underworld franchise.

Who cares if she could use a few more acting lessons, we let Chuck Norris get away with it.

but that's perfect to show us what Gina can really do as an action hero and she delivers.

What makes the movie interesting is using a small Caribbean island as the back drop adding some new flavor to a typical slab of Beef that an action film can be. I honest thought Haywire would have done more for her career other than just being The Rock's partner in the ensemble cast that is the Fast and The Furious 6.

she's fun to look at, especially when she does those MMA fighting movies to beat up the bad guys.

In February 1779, he was one of the many of the King's 8th Regiment captured by the Americans at Vincennes in the famous expedition led by George Rogers Clark and was sent in chains to Williamsburg, Virginia.

His eventual parole, release to the British for a huge ransom, exchange in 1781 and repatriation to London were difficult and complex because of the American complaints.

His commission also authorized him to act as full Governor in case of death or absence of Governor in Chief and Captain General William Browne (a British Loyalist born in Massachusetts, USA), who left Bermuda on October 27, 1788, never to return, although he was technically still Governor of Bermuda more than a year later.

He was appointed by King George III of Britain as Lieutenant Governor of Bermuda (or Somers Isles) in America, and Commander in Chief of Forts King's Castle, Fort Hamilton, Fort Popple and Fort Paget on February 26, 1787.

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