Backdating documents legal dating a grown child

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These should have links to quarterly (for the past 12 months) and annual reports (past two to three years).

As a means of protecting them, the Act included a legal defense that stated that as long as the dealers and brokers exercised "due diligence" when investigating companies whose equities they were selling, and fully disclosed their results to investors, they would not be held liable for information not discovered during the investigation.For individual investors, doing due diligence on a security is voluntary, but recommended.Broker-dealers, however, are legally obligated to conduct due diligence on a security before selling it.For example, large cap and mega cap companies tend to have more stable revenue streams and a large more diverse investor base, both of which generally equate to less volatility.Mid cap and small cap companies, meanwhile, may only serve single areas of the market, and may have more fluctuations in their stock price and earnings.

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When you start to examine revenue and profit figures, the market cap will give you some perspective.

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