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The Baffler-journalists of the world don’t believe in God.They don’t disagree that religion contributes to homophobia, transphobia, and the election of some awful politicians – and these issues have only grown more visible in the decade or so since New Atheism’s apogee.Think of one of those corrupt kleptocracies where the dictator takes bribes, all his ministers take bribes, all their assistants take bribes, the anti-corruption task force takes bribes, etc.

r/atheism will shamble on as some sort of undead abomination, chanting “BRAAAAAAIIINSSSS…are what fundies don’t have” as the living run away shrieking. The New Atheists accomplished the seemingly impossible task of alienating a society that agreed with them about everything.

While the atheists were going around saying there was no God, the environmentalists were going around saying climate change was real.

The feminists were going around saying sexism was bad.

This is a surprising number of people disagreeing with a thing that everybody already knows. They were coming into educated urban liberal spaces, saying things that educated urban liberals already believed, and demanding social credit for it.

Even though 46% of America is creationist, zero percent of my hundred-or-so friends are.

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This is 90% of popular intellectual culture these days: progressives regurgitating progressivism to other progressives for nothing but the warm glow of being told “Yup, that was some good progressiving there”.